I’m writing this post as I watch the most dynamic and provocative new live show on the internet.  My good friend Ray Moore is the host.  The show is called Ray Moore Live and you must check it out by clicking on his name in this sentence.

In today’s show Ray talked about a great resource for Christian parents who are schooling their family in their homes.

He mentioned Tom Woods, a Roman Catholic Libertarian who I appreciate.  Woods is quoted in the article that Ray discussed during the show.  He quoted Woods, “The answer, I am convinced, lies in the widespread and deeply held preconceptions we have absorbed from our earliest years in school.”

Ray started his Live show nearly six weeks ago.  It is the best kept secret on the internet.  I need your help to spread the word that he is providing this excellent resource.

Why don’t you turn off Fox News and educate yourself?  The corporate media is a brainwashing instrument.  Fox News is the most dangerous propaganda instrument of the corporate media.  You have no excuse now.  The internet is easily an alternative resource whenever you turn on your television or device.  If you need help turning your television off so you can become a Christian please give me a call at 207-956-0819.

Ray discusses Francis Bellamy, the author of the Pledge of Allegiance.  He was an atheist and socialist.  In the Roman Empire every citizen was required to publicly burn incense once a year to the emperor.  They were all forced to swear allegiance to the emperor.  First century Christians refused to participate in the pledge.  In 1892 Bellamy had the idea that we should pledge allegiance to the state.  Up until the 1930s the pledge was recited with a salute similar to the Nazi salute.  At this time Americans moved to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with their hand over their heart.

I did not know this about Bellamy and the Pledge.  You probably didn’t know about it either.  There’s much that we don’t know about our own history.  Corporate media is the reason for this widespread ignorance.



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