While cutesy Secretary of State Shenna Bellows makes a name for herself by cozying up to the Trump issue Max Blumenthal and Judge Andrew Napolitano are doing God’s work.  They are telling the truth about what is happening in Gaza.  It is nearly impossible for me now to conclude that the nation of Israel has a right to exist.

I was never an “all-in” Zionist.  I was always one of those evangelical christians who just chose to ignore the whole issue.  It was always wrong for me to do that.  Especially when I was tasked with speaking for evangelical christianity publicly as leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine.  I thought I could get away with prioritizing the sodomy issue so much that I wouldn’t have to argue other matters.  I was right to think of the gay thing as important.  I was wrong to exaggerate its importance.

Now that America is the world’s gay disco it is critically important that I come to conclusions on other matters.  Everybody in the world knows that the West has completely divorced itself from reality on everything having to do with family formation.  Our insanity is costing innocent human beings their lives all over the world.  It must stop now.

Americans should never have slouched this far toward Gomorrah.  We have.  And we are about to pay the price.

I wish it were my generation that were going to pay the price.  History doesn’t work that way.  My children and grandchildren will pay.

If it weren’t for my faith in God I dont’ know that I’d do.

No matter our age Jesus Christ is the master of transforming faith into life.

Thank God.



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