It’s impossible to avoid now.  There is only one path forward for the American truth teller.  He must fully embrace the epithet “antisemite” and wear it like the badge of honor it has become.  Jewish chutzpah put us here.  We must repent.  We should not have invited the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit into America.

Up until now thoughtful and compassionate Americans would grant minorities the benefit of the doubt.  We’d allow that maybe they have a point, and that it may be true that we don’t fully appreciate their narrative or situation.  That is no longer possible.  It is suicide for us to do that, especially if you happen to be a white, male Christian.  It’s beyond obvious that those with the power are erasing our culture/history.  They want us dead.  These fellow citizens of mine want me and my three sons … DEAD.  Us, and everything we and our ancestors represent.

How else do you explain Google’s bold attempt last week to rewrite our history using artificial intelligence.  The push-back caused them to take a step back.  Don’t be fooled.  They always do that.  As Disney’s Bob Eiger recently reminded us the “rebranding” will go on no matter how much it reduces the profits of the corporation.  America is experiencing a religious crusade led by the least capable, and most willfully ignorant narcissists, among us.

They aren’t crusading over time using persuasion.  They are now forcing us, at the point of a gun, to comply.

And most everybody I know is complicit in this wicked crusade.  They went along with the sensitivity training in their school, church or workplace.  Their soul may be dead forever.  Only God knows if their spirit will go on to heaven or hell.

It no longer matters that Americans are victims of the most powerful psychological operation in human history.  We must STOP thinking and acting like victims.

We must stand and fight like the virtuous heroes God calls us to be on every page of his Holy Scriptures, and in every Church service across our great land.

The truth is great.  He will prevail.

Logos is Rising!


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