We’ve made a mess overseas.  Our efforts to “make the world safe for democracy” have only hurt people.  We haven’t done anything to help — especially in North Africa and the Middle East.  Ancient Christian communities have been destroyed and disrupted by our destructive Israel-centric approach to folks over there.  Using “democracy” as our slogan we’ve weaponized Islam against Christianity.  And now Islam is moving into the heart of Christendom, Europe.  The United States did this.  We are doing it even today.

My son was in the middle of it for a time.  He was an embassy guard in Damascus.  He closed the embassy and evacuated with the Ambassador when it was closed by order of the President of the United States.

We closed the embassy so that we could choose sides in Syria.  As has so often been the case in recent decades we chose the wrong side.  Instead of remain neutral in state political disputes we sided with local radical Islamists against ancient expressions of Christianity and the mostly secular ruling power.  We did this in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Since we must not judge by the words of our leaders but the fruit of their actions it is clear that most of our leadership in the church and government are choosing evil over justice.  If they weren’t we wouldn’t be facing such a grim future.  There is no plan to eliminate our national debt.  Our materialism insulates us from the consequences of our evil actions in the world.  It isn’t the economy, stupid.  It IS morality.


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