My youngest son, Jared, has built a business called Althatech.  The seven-year-old business recently started helping Dr. Anne Gilles.  I love what Dr. Gilles does for reasons unrelated to my son’s business.  I invested my life in standing publicly for the principle that marriage matters.  All sex is NOT good sex simply because it is consensual.  Dr. Gilles embellishes this idea with science and facts that support this simple truth.  She does so with praiseworthy grace and intelligence.

Above is the most recent video production of Althatech highlighting the work of Dr. Gilles.  I just finished watching the thirteen minute production.  I love it’s authenticity.  Bob is all in, as they say.  He loves his wife of over three decades.  He puts his money where his love is.  God bless him.

Stop throwing money away on politically manipulated “christian” non-profits that are more about keeping Jews happy than telling the truth.  The leader of the largest online source of the most gruesome pornography isn’t just a Jew.  He is a Rabbi.  Google it.  Pornhub.

Dr, Gilles isn’t part of that evanjellyfish cabal.  She is an honest woman who wants to give you what you MUST HAVE FOR KNOWLEDGE to help you do better by your children and grandchildren.

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