In more human times drink distilled the spirits of Maine Men. On March 29, 1897 civic religion birthed a christian League. A century later the Maine Man’s face is smeared with the gay rainbow colors of woman’s paint. His pornified spirit no less distilled. The war against sin, the flesh and the devil will dog us until the God Man’s return.

When I resigned from the League in the fall of 2009 I decided to move on. I didn’t look back.

New men took power.  They erased the history of the League. The institution’s populist success exposing the “gay” juggernaut was thrown down the woke memory hole.

Their bold assault on this history featured the deletion of the online version of The RECORD publication. The first edition was published in 1900. They deleted a decade of Maine history. This revolutionary move synchronizes nicely with Jewish efforts to destroy the Christian Church, and Western cultural values, using pornography (the most viewed online content in the world). Porn is a “smart” political weapon aimed at the heart of humanity.

Additionally, the deleted history included journalism that embarrassed a Bangor political dynasty. A story that went viral was published online featuring a picture of Governor John Baldacci embracing the bloody communist dictator Fidel Castro. Members of a Bangor church more interested in business than truth were party to that preposterous and immoral money making venture.

Ironic that the current League leadership abandoned the Christian headquarters building in Maine’s Capitol City, Augusta.  That building, honoring the League’s longest serving leader, Ben Bubar Jr., proudly defies (by occupying land between them) both the State House complex, and the gaudy Federal building.  The ministry’s operations are now run out of Bangor — the seat of communism in Maine. I pray the communists don’t occupy the same office space as the League.

The gospel reading for Monday of the Second Week of Lent reminds Christians everywhere, “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

I am not writing to condemn the leadership of the League. They will answer to our eternal Judge, God, for what they have done, and not done. He is their Master. I’m not.

I am, however, a close professional and personal witness. And allowing them to continue their pillow fight without saying something puts my soul at risk.

I feel like Jonah. I don’t want the League to repent given what’s been done to me, and all those close to me, who helped the League succeed in those years. I know and love the same power Jonah knew. He served a merciful God who would accept his enemy Nineveh’s repentance. I pray theirs, should it come, won’t lead me to feel sorry for myself (as Jonah did) as I watch God forgive them for their ineffective leadership in recent years.

The stakes could not be more extreme. The League must embrace what their ministry accomplished during those tumultuous years. It must stop acting communist, rewriting and erasing history. The institution must embrace her Christian duty. Repent of her pillow talk, and take up the sword of the spirit.

The League is not a chapter of the Zionist or Republican Party. It can remain worthy of her call to serve as Maine’s conscience. Back in those more human times, mentioned in my opening to this letter, the League’s first edition of The Record included an instruction to the Republican Party to respect the League’s independent and Christian status.

The group must condemn all sexual sin, and fight like a madman (prophet) to create laws that protect our citizens from this scourge — because the League remains independent and CHRISTIAN. Her masters are not the unholy trinity of Women, Jews and Republicans. The League serves only one Lord and giver of Life. The League serves the Holy Trinity of FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit.

If the century old ministry chooses to remain a drag, God will raise up an unpainted man who WILL LEAD.



  1. Paul Madore

    This letter to the CCL of Me is, or should be, only the beginning of a more robust exchange with the full leadership of the League, if it’s not too late. Bringing it to a full discussion is our only hope.

  2. Michael Heath

    Thank you, Paul, for this comment. I so appreciate your friendship. I also thank you for your service on the Board of the League while I was leader many years ago. I pray many honest Christians will see your comment, and follow up with you.


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