If you take the time to click through the link below you’ll learn the definition of more slang words.  The transgressive edge of content on the internet has always been gay to me.  At this point I feel like we need a whole new english dictionary.  Thankfully we have the internet that can add definitions nearly as fast as the new words show up.  The two slang words that I didn’t have definitions for until I watched this video are “sperging” and “purity spiraling.”

Lucas Gage is right to call for “unholy” alliances during times of war.  That’s one of the reasons why we all as humans universally HATE war, not hate crimes (a Marxist ploy to further confuse good people).  War is violent and unreasonable by definition.  It is against reason, or what Greek philosophers called “logos.”  Christians call this a person — Jesus Christ — the second person of the Holy Trinity.

And it is the unique work in metaphysics, over the centuries, fueled by this idea of God being made up of three persons, that helped give the West the edge in the development of the scientific method.  These philosophical concepts are still beyond me but the difference has to do with final and efficient causality (I think).  Dr. E Michael Jones argues in his recent book “Logos Rising” that time is going in a direction, a good direction.  Humanity is not orbiting evil.  History is NOT circular.  God is always going someplace good, especially when our collective sins have cut us off from this transcendent and true definition of grace and faith.

Religion matters more than anything else when we are talking identity.  We ignore the subject at the risk of deepening the horror and violence.

I’m thankful that Lucas isn’t ignoring it.  He is, in fact, focusing U.S. on the most pressing religious challenge right now — Jewish Supremacy.

Sperging and Purity Spiraling Video — 14 Minutes


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