I’m impressed with Lucas Gage.

His most recent rant is convicting, to say the least.  Click on the sentence above to watch his LIVEstream this afternoon explaining his ten minute rant.

His views won’t be convicting to most of the people that I’ve surrounded myself with for much of my life.  They are Zionists.  Many of them will tell you that they are not.  But, they are.

How do you know?

Their ideas about the future are mostly influenced by the Rothschild funded Scofield Bible interpretation of Biblical End Times.  The theological word for it is Eschatology.  Their view of the future is supremely dark.  Dark times mean a soon return of the “messiah” they say they worship.  It is a good thing to want God to return a second time.  It is a bad thing to think that you can figure out when that is going to happen, and which set of current events predicts His return.  Even Jesus admitted this in the gospels.  He told us we wouldn’t know the day or the hour.

I know that faith in the moral law is rising worldwide.  The moral law is asserting itself as never before in my lifetime.  That is why the Empire (USA) stands alone in support of Israel’s genocide of nearly fifteen thousand children since October 7th.  Truth be told America stands where it does to preserve monetary profits from the manufacture of weapons.  I don’t think many of us really care about Israel.  The American’s who do bought a religious lie about the Jews, and the land which is Palestine in the MIddle East.  Our children aren’t Zionists.  They are pushing back against this evil, thank God.

The average American evangelical knows next to nothing about Jewish religion and culture.  They’ve just absorbed and accepted an evil ideology extracted from the pages of the Bible by satan.




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