I’ve never met Jeff Mathis.  He doesn’t make it easy to contact him personally through online channels.  If even ten percent of what he alleges in his testimony is true I get it.  I wanted to at least email or call before putting this on my blog.  With artificial intelligence powering up I don’t know what to believe online.  But then I realized that I “trust” Fakebook enough to waste time on Reels.  Why won’t I go out on a limb for Jeff?

I discovered him by choosing to use Bitchute.  I created an account there years ago.  I did so because it became obvious that Screwtube (Youtube) was going to be messing with me using algorithms.  I have accounts on all the big alt video platforms.  Jeff came to the forefront of my consciousness because he posts videos frequently to Bitchute.  They are about Masons.  I am curious about the centuries old “institution” so I’ve continued to put up with Jeff showing up first in the list of recent videos.

Today I took time to drill down a bit.  He’s posted a ton of content.  I don’t want to take time to fully understand his story.

Maybe you have more time.  If you find out that he’s just an AI algo please let me know.


Otherwise you can at least say a prayer for Jeff.  I did.