… the Jews who killed the Master Jesus (to say nothing of the prophets) and followed it up by running us out of town. They make themselves offensive to God and everyone else by trying to keep us from telling people who’ve never heard of our God how to be saved. They’ve made a career of opposing God, and have gotten mighty good at it. But God is fed up, ready to put an end to it.
The Apostle Paul to Christians living in Thessalonica two millenia ago




I don’t want to take time right now to search for the article I wrote about my experiences in Maine with Jewish power.  It is published on this website.  If you have time and want to search the archive please email the link to mheath@althatech.com  I’ll add it to this post.  I may have written more than one.  Can’t remember.

My degree in philosophy and religion launched me into politics on a solid foundation.  For twenty years I reasoned in public about the Marxist concept “sexual orientation.”  As a debater I doomed my cause from the beginning.  I chose to “reason” using their terms.  I did so only on their terms.  Back then there wasn’t any choice.  American government, culture, religion, education and media were conquered by the holocaust narrative before I was born.

I didn’t know then what I know now.  Before the internet put jet fuel in the gas tank of authenticity I was real with reporters and the public.  I used to spend hours on the phone with reporters only to be either ignored when their story was written, or misrepresented by their “ethic” of telling both sides. 

They would cherry pick a juicy quote from my hour of honest dialogue with them and surround that quote with comments from the “other side.”  Maine journalists mastered the use of the Hegelian Dialectic a long, long time ago.

God’s grace enabled me to survive in their cesspool of power and unreason for two decades.  He mercifully brought my career to an end in 2009.

But not my life. 

I have a true story to tell.  I admit it is my story. Some of it can be read on this blog.  Recent painful experiences have caused me to either lose, or hide, some of my recent story.  Any curious person can find much of it by searching on the internet.

I’ve always been thankful for those who disagree.  Not thankful enough.  That is where God is helping me in these desperate times.

You have a story.  There are as many fascinating stories on planet earth as there are humans.  Add history and you discover that true stories by comparison make Hollywood into the distraction it was always designed to be.

Designed by whom, you ask?

Google it.

As Dr. E Michael Jones points out in his candid podcast above America has a single Federal government backed religion.  It is called the holocaust.  His new book that will pull back the curtain and reveal the lie for all to see will be published soon.

I know he is right because I lived it.  Living as a semi-silent victim of Jewish power is part of my story.

My political career took it’s most direct and potent hit from the Rabbi in Portland, Maine decades ago.  Without stooping to give the goy a call he publicly condemned me for writing an honest email about his holocaust museum in Washington D.C. I never met the man.

I visited his museum with an open mind curious to learn.  I left disabused of the notion that there was anything honest in that “museum.”

That’s when I started down the rabbit hole of thinking outside the box about the only group in America who are granted the priviledge of an unmentionable name — Jew.

I’m no longer the only one thinking outside the box about this group.  Musk’s X is atwitter about it right now.  Everybody is talking about how a hashtag critical of the Jewish propaganda outfit known as the ADL is trending.

Ironic that Musk just appointed a pro ADL woman to head up his X marks the spot play for world dominance of the social networking space.

I worked as a postman in the neighborhood surrounding Bowdoin College for a few months in recent years.  I stuffed at least half the professor’s mailboxes with fund raising appeals from the ADL or the SPLC.

Every day that passes without mandated masks, vaccines, lock downs, the start of a new war and obvious dementia viewed best through a screen gives me hope.  A particular illegal-to-be-named group is unafraid of Putin’s nuclear sabre rattling.

Nuclear armaggedon terrifies me.  The powers that be love their nuclear bombs and vaccines.

The rest of us have concluded that it is all simply gay.