Every system fails.  The American system has reached the point of failure.
Colonel MacGregor


The Death of the West


The great Patrick J. Buchanan authored a book by this title years ago.  I read it a few years after it’s publication.  I didn’t find anything in it with which I disagreed.  It tempered and matured my youthful patriotic enthusiasm for my home.

Now, years after The Death of the West, I struggle every day to hold on to my love for home and country.  Real and authentic conversations like the one in the YouTube above depress me.  I struggle not to feel personally responsible for the many thousands of Ukrainian dead.  People very close to me work assiduously to avoid discussion of the topic.  Maine is a blue state.  As such it is mandatory that all workplace and public discourse mimic the establishment narrative.  Putin is worse than Hitler.  The Ukraine war is, therefore, a holy war — a crusade.  Questions may only be posed at the risk of damning one’s soul forever.

It is not possible anymore to publish counter-narrative views in Maine without paying a price.  And that price rises everyday, like the cost of coffee and gas.  All of us are now confronted with inflation, shrinkflation and humanflation (the rising price one pays for choosing to be a human being).

Look.  I’m NEVER going to think that owning nothing is a good idea.  I’ll NEVER volunteer to live in a five minute city.  I’m NEVER going to take another vaccine.  And I’ll NEVER not verify an assertion or “fact” connected in any way with the government, any form of media or big religious institution.

I’m not the only one who is deeply concerned.  Watch this short video that my wife just emailed me.

I’m a nobody.  Tucker just broadcast the most watched interview in history.  He sat down with Donald Trump at the same moment his old network was sleep walking with boomers. 

Tucker is one of them.  He’s an oligarch.  And he is starting to name names.

Everything that I thought was real in politics and religion is changing, moving, adjusting.  Everything inside and around me is up for grabs.

More and more of us are waking up to this fact.

It’s the upstream water that is polluted.  We’ve been drinking from a poisoned ideological well for a very long time.

Maybe this is the end of history.  I don’t know.  But I do know that it’s Tucker, Trump, Biden and Putin’s pals that are going to have to choose to stop putting poison in the well.  I’ve been shown in countless ways throughout my career that there’s nothing I can do about it.  You, no doubt, feel the same way.

No amount of voting, politiking and praying is going to fix this.

Only one thing fixes a threat this existential.