Neil Oliver observes that the Empire has been “holed below the waterline by the financial system.”

The man who wrote this Issues page for my campaign for Governor, Steve Martin, finally got my attention on this issue of banking many years ago.  He loaned me the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”  I read and returned the book.

Steve and I met when I was trapped in the weaponized psyop known more popularly as the political system of Maine.  He and his good friend Jack McCarthy were patient and charitable with me.  Jack is one of my very best friends today.

I am still emerging from the psyop.  Starting before I was born the effects of it were driven deep into my personality by the empire’s zeitgeist.  It used to feel like I was ripping my brain and my heart from my body at the same time.  Now moving beyond it all feels like a drenched puppy spreading 360 degree raindrops.

All of U.S. wet dogs need to keep gyrating as the insane class continue to hose us with their polluted and slimy wet filth.

I’m thankful I will always remain wet with the purifying waters of baptism.  The effects of that drenching can’t be removed.