A couple days ago I finished watching this one hour production, obviously the fruit of many, many hours of work.

Even though I was there that day I had never taken time to view what happened on the mall side of the Capitol.  My son and many good friends spent the afternoon on the other side of the immense building.  My wife and I fled north from the White House after Trump’s God-awful speech and rally.  Exhausted by it all, we chose not to walk the mile to the Capitol.

Stephen Horn confirms my own suspicions of that day.  He concludes with this quote.

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

The politically weak partnered with the rabid Left to concoct what happened that day.  What our betters have presented to U.S. since then as a narrative is nonsense.  Thanks to the internet the curtain is being pulled back on the American empire.  The revealed horror isn’t simply a naked emperor.

He/she/it is transitioning with a passion.  It’s anybody’s guess which pronoun will accurately describe what’s left when all is said and done.