I’m starting to Rumble again.  I discovered the video platform years ago and created an account.  This morning I was able to reconnect virtually with Dr. Michael Yeadon.  I developed an appreciation for him during the recent unpleasantness with a certain virus.

I trusted his views because he’s a titan in the global biomedical industry.  He’s now a misinformation spreader.

I haven’t finished watching the video.

I was pleased to see the two men mention the word “holy” at the beginning.  That might bring me back to finish watching.  Maybe I’ll come back to this post and offer some more thoughts.  In the meantime enjoy.

I’m back and about half done.  It’s well worth the time.

Take away number one.  Yeadon speculates that the globalists have decided to kill billions, not millions, at a time.  They will kill off whole ethnicities, nations and regions to get to the Georgia-Guidestone-carved-in-stone-population-goal of five hundred million.