Registration Explanation

While it is free to register for we encourage donations to Helping Hands Ministries.

To view all content at you must have two registrations.  One gives you access to all the written material.  The other grants you access to all the video and audio content.

Register for the written content by going to  Whenever you click on a video or audio link at the site you will be asked for your username/password to access that content.  This registration is also free.

We do this because privacy is important.  While all our content is available for no charge that doesn’t mean that it has no value.  It has eternal value.  Your soul will live eternally.  Humans express themselves using words, videos and images.  All of that reasoning has eternal value to God, and to you.  God has given you the exclusive right to yourself.  That includes all your online, or digital, content.  We believe that you own all your content on the internet.

This is not to say that you have the right to erase public information about yourself.  For example, your mugshot is a public document.  You can’t choose to have it erased from the internet.  You surrendered that right when you committed the crime.

You can delete your accounts at at any time.  It is your choice.  We don’t publish comments on the site so you cannot create content here that you may someday want to delete.  We reserve the right to delete any user at any time and for any reason we choose.