I discovered this gutsy millennial blogger a few years ago.  He’s a family man who is building an online source for political/cultural news and opinion.  As with an increasing number of my trusted sources his courage is marked by a willingness to discuss political shibboleths.  My list of thoughtful creators willing to “name the Jew” has grown too large for me to keep up with.

The deeper I go in my knowledge of Jewish Supremacy the tougher I make living with who I am at 62 years of age.  I fled from the Jewish sexual revolution in my late teens.  I didn’t know it was Jewish at the time.  I learned that porn is a form of political control from Dr. E. Michael Jones a number of years ago.  While I’ve been reading and thinking deeply about this ever since, I know I’m just beginning to understand.  The connection between porn and Jews is obvious to everyone now.  The leader of Pornhub is a Jewish Rabbi.  And porn’s sister in crime, abortion, is a Jewish sacrament.

I associate Vincent with a group of younger men who willingly stepped up around the time of Trump’s first campaign for President and identified themselves as “groypers.”  I still don’t fully understand what the term means.  But the more I learn from their spokespeople online by listening and reading them the more I like where they are coming from.  They are publicly confronting sexual sin in their own young lives.

What I meant when I acknowledged above that it is tough to live with myself is that my reliance on religion to fight the deleterious effects of the sexual revolution included becoming socialized in the radically Zionist arm of American Christian evangelicalism.  My personal struggle with porn was strengthened by this form of the Christian religion.  And that religion (for me) was Zionist.  This is no longer the case because when I entered the Roman Catholic Church in the spring of 2020, I lost more of my Christian friends than I lost when I refused to bend over to the cultural maggotry of the gay disco.  The influence of this murderous ideology is diminishing for me.  I am still, however, surrounded by it and must tread very carefully.  Pray that God gives me wisdom.

My own experience suggests that Israel’s stranglehold on America depends on this Protestant version of Zionism that Vincent is exposing.  There are many like him.  I will blog about them as we cross into 2024.  Since I’ve crossed the rubicon now into Israel and Jew criticism I’ll state my position succinctly.  Israel may be choosing to lose it’s legal and moral right to exist as a nation right now.  Up until now I’ve accepted that the nation has a right to exist.  What I am learning about Israel is causing me to rethink my position.  Their slaughter of innocent women and children during this Christmas season in Gaza is evil.  One of their snipers executed two women sheltering in a Catholic church in Gaza this week.

I don’t hate Jews.  I know very little about them from personal relationships.  But what I’m seeing, experiencing and learning gives me more than pause.  It is impossible not to conclude that Dr. E. Michael Jones is right.  As a group they have a revolutionary spirit.  The hollowing out of the Christian religion in the West is the responsibility of the Church, especially her leaders.  They have been encouraged in their soul-destroying work by outside forces.  And there is no outside force that has consistently asserted a more dogmatic rejection of Jesus Christ than Jews.  They murdered him after rejecting Him as their Messiah.  They’ve spent the last two millennia undermining and subverting the gospel.

Washington just passed a resolution calling non-support for Israel “antisemitism.”  This simply adds to the impossibly long list of evidence proving that our political class at every level cares more about Israel than they do about the nation they are elected to represent.

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