I discovered this Scottish popular philosopher and media personality a while ago.  I’ve viewed many of his YouTube messages.  While it is impossible for me to select from among them the best one (they are all so good) this one would have to appear either near, or at, the top of a list of his greatest hits.

He is calling for the sort of political revolution that I have lived for over four decades.  God gave me the special grace of professionally representing His concerns on the stage of Maine politics for two decades.  I learned how to fight politically.  This is why my social media icon is now Trump’s mug shot.  For all his faults he knows how to fight politically in a perhaps uniquely American revolutionary manner.  I write “perhaps uniquely American” because his four years on the global stage as President of this once limited constitutional republic turned more non-American heads in his direction favorably than it did Americans.

He didn’t start any wars.

At the beginning and end of the day it is simple.

Trump is a man.

The feminist West hates that.

Much of the rest of the world respects it.  Out of respect for it I continue to lean toward voting for the sexual libertine.  I must say, however, that I am taking a harder look at another potential President of the United States than I have since Trump tweeted his insult of the Bush “family” in early 2016.

That candidate would be Robert Kennedy.

It’s more likely now than ever before that he won’t survive physically to election day.  Yesterday his private security detail detained, and had arrested, a threatening man armed to the teeth attempting to approach the son of a slain President and father.  And his own political party is so totally subverted by the crime syndicate that we used to refer to as the Left or liberalism that even should he survive physically to the start of an earnest primary season the rules will have been so corrupted that his campaign won’t see the equivalent of light during the political day.

Neal Oliver reminds the West of a couple proud moments in the video above.  One is the Nuremberg Code.  The other is earlier in our history, and it is part of England’s heritage — the Magna Carta.  He reminds the world of that Godly document’s articulation of personal sovereignty over the powers of a monarch.  This balancing of the powers of the King with the powers of the individual served England well for almost a thousand years now.  The American constitution’s continuance of those ideas, minus the monarch, have served the United States well for over two centuries.

Today is Constitution Day, September 17, 2023.  While it’s words have been redefined by the Left in the popular mind it’s principles remain mostly unmolested.  This is thanks to a nearly religious zeal maintained by the American ethos to not edit holy writ.

Thankfully the principles of both Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution are not durable because they are written down.  They persist because they are true.

Every human heart and mind know it now.

And the creator who made them true is going someplace good in history.

Remain prayerful.