Alternative media star Russell Brand hit a snag last week.  Viewed as an annoyance by the lamestream media Brand suffered a broadside from “trusted” British media outlets and YouTube last week.  In typical lamestream fashion the print media launched with unproven allegations and YouTube followed by quickly demonetizing the outspoken family man.  He lost a million bucks in ad revenue overnight.

In the three minute video above Brand announces he is pivoting to Rumble, one of the bigger alternative Jewish video platforms that has baked in monetization functionality for lazy creators.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful for Rumble.  I’m just sad that internet economics hasn’t adjusted enough to allow a true free speech video platform like GAB to serve long form video.  It’s only a matter of time at this point.  The people of the world are awakening to the threat we all face.

I’ve learned a lot about the costs of serving big files, like video files, over the internet.  My son provides this service to creators.  He has done so for seven years now.

His clients are Christians who take sin seriously.  In a world where porn is free, and you are not, these are the most threatening people ever.

The reason my published material is “branded” (sorry) as a blog using my given name at birth is because I was cancelled by Maine Christianity two decades ago.  The journalism that was performed under my leadership, and made available publicly for free, was deleted by the administration that followed me at the Christian Civic League of Maine.  This religious institution that I led for two decades can’t find enough ways to put distance between itself and me.


I refused to bend over to the sodomite movement in Maine.  What was worse is that I refused to back down from making my points about the dangers of that religious movement in religious terms.  The League has maintained a muted resistance to sodomy ever since I resigned.  Thankfully they stepped up to the plate on baby murder earlier this year.  The result for them was the same as for me.  The satanists in power ignored them.  My populist approach threw more dust in the air than their lobbying.  They reached the same end as me in a shorter period of time.  The uniparty in Augusta uses so-called social issues to get votes and energize the base during elections.  They’ve done nothing in my lifetime to address the cultural rot.

It’s too late now.  The war-dependent American empire is fading.  Thank God.  Abortion and sodomy will be footnotes in the world’s political history within weeks.  Politically those issues were never more than political footballs.  They continue to generate donations from boomers.  That’s all that’s left of the movement.  It was never much more than a fund raising mechanism for the so-called religious right.

If was a movement that was absolutely controlled by global elites.  The blindness was maintained by irrational loyalty to the idea of Israel, the world’s only religious nation.  The curtain is being pulled back on that holocaust-narrative-induced insanity.

Killing babies and pretending there is no morality to sex ARE fundamental issues.  They cannot be understood if religion transitions to superstition.  The religion of Western Civilization is Christianity.  No amount of politiking is going to change that.