The Irish Light is luminous. 

It is a print newspaper.  In Ireland.  Gemma O’Doherty publisher.

Click here for the website.

I’m not Irish.  I’m a Mainiac.  An American.  I am unfamiliar with Gemma’s world.  Never even visited Ireland.

I do, however, love what I see and hear in Gemma when I visit her website, and watch her interview guests.  She is close with another interesting Irishman.  John Waters.

Their own government has decided to make war on these Irish citizens.  They offended the God’s of our modern unhinged world by publicly defending Irish traditions, morality and culture.  They don’t think Ireland should morph into some fever dream of one world globalists and American corporations.  I don’t think so either.  If God ever grants me the great blessing of visiting the land of St. Patrick and Leprechauns I want to experience their historic culture, not some bland, gay and diverse modern nightmare.

Why can’t a “white guy” get a hard pour in the homeland of Guinness instead of a hard time?