A Space for Jones


I thought I might write something last Sunday afternoon. I didn’t. I indulged, instead, my latest platform addiction — Elon Musk’s X. The more edgy version of the cutesy Twitter featured an instantly available conversation in a new online place aptly called “Spaces.”  Musk owns the two other sexiest things in tech these days, SpaceX and Tesla.  He thinks about tunnels when he’s bored, pun intended.

I listened enthralled as Alex Jones, Elon Musk, General Mike Flynn, Congressman Matt Gaetz, the Tate bros and nearly 120,000 lesser lights in the internet firmament blazed away LIVE for the connected world to see, I mean hear.  Musk meekly announced during the nearly three-hour space that “seeing” will be added to hearing as early as year-end.  Merry Christmas without the Christ child.  Perfect for the machine-addled “civilization” once thought of as the West.  Instant access to the tech titans who geeks believe rule the world.

I’m trying to convince myself that this conversation is something hopeful.  But for all I know it was generated by Artificial Intelligence.  I don’t think it was, but I’m now told that artificial intelligence needs just three minutes of audio from a person to be able to perfectly mimic their speech.  Everyone who spoke during the Xspace (not to be confused with SpaceX) has fed not three minutes, but three lifetimes, of audio into the insatiable maw of the machine. 

I may have wasted a Sunday afternoon being propagandized by a robot.  Lovely.

Come to think of it there doesn’t really seem to be much difference between the real world that I suppose Musk, Jones and company inhabit and the fever dream of some aspiring science fiction writer — real or imagined.  At the speed of a SpaceX rocket blasting past the event horizon of a black hole our keyboard warrior taps to create her viral click bait utopia before disappearing.  Or some programmed digital machine broadcasts the fiction sans the three-pound organ called a human brain.  I’m having a harder and harder time noticing any difference between the two.

Kurzweil is wrong.  We reached the Singularity in 2023.  We don’t have to wait for 2029.

The space had a few high points for me.  Musk put Jones and Andrew Tate on the spot.  He asked them if they have children.  All three men have children.  There are more mothers than fathers.  Marriage isn’t much of a thing for any of them.  Musk, however, made a big deal about having lots of kids.  Better than not having them, I guess.

I can’t imagine having children without the benefits of marriage.  Musk and Tate both proudly live without it while Jones leans into it as much as he can.

Another high point was General Flynn suggesting that this freshly assembled dream team of alt media stars debate Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.  Now that might be entertaining enough to abandon binge watching the awokened eleventh season of Blue Bloods, but probably not.  There’s really nothing like witnessing the willful destruction of something fun and relaxing so that it can be proudly labeled diverse, equal and inclusive.  So much fun.  Klaus and Bill are funny, but … HELLywood is where it’s at you know.

So the thingy that pushed Musk to reinstate Jones on X was Tucker Carlson getting drunk with Alex in Maine.  That’s always a good reason to do anything for sure.  It wasn’t enough for Musk though.  I suspect Musk stooped to switch on the #realalexjones account because while drunk with Tucker they got Brian Stelter on the phone and joked about sodomizing one another.  I suspect this happened in the real world.  But who knows. 

I watched it on the internet.  I’ll have to ask Grok if it really happened.  Elon assures us we can trust Grok because it’s a really clever AI.  Alas.

While I’m on Tucker’s role in all of this I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Andrew Anglin.  Carlson opened his interview with Jones in front of an outhouse.  The smelly awkward moment featured the assertion that Jones is the most censored man on the internet.  This is a lie.  I’m not sure who can rightfully claim that title, but Andrew Anglin has it all over Alex Jones.  You haven’t heard the name because he flits about the world hiding from assassins while working to hold onto a domain address so his opinions can be found and read on the internet.

His sin?

For years he has published his unvarnished opinions on race and ethnicity.  He doesn’t just slip his toe over the line into “antisemitism” — he brazenly mocks the whole project.  And I love him for it.  So should you.

Now that Israel is incinerating babies using bombs paid for with your tax dollars for the whole world to see it is critical for everyone to have access to the reasoning on all sides of the conflict.  I am always interested in the narratives that the powerful don’t like.  Aren’t you?  If not, why not?

The idea you aren’t allowed to consider is the one most worthy of your time.  This is not to say the idea is either true or good.  On the matter of so-called antisemitism how are you going to decide if the last reasoning voices are jailed, banned or blocked?  For goodness sakes in America, and most of the West, people start looking for a therapist the nanosecond they catch themselves having a negative thought about the group that was gassed by Hitler.  Or were they?

It’s only recently that I started thinking about the idea of “gaslighting.”  The deeper I go the more I realize that I’ve been gaslit my whole life.  All of America’s institutions are hell-bent on reinforcing a narrative.  The big unknown throughout my lifetime is who benefits from all this gaslighting.  It’s not Christianity.  Satan is sure making an appearance as part of all of this. 

My own career went to pot when I dared publish an email critical of the Jewish holocaust museum in Washington D.C. and refuse to bend over for the sodomites in Maine and America — especially within institutional christianity.  I’ve spent far too much time listening to voices near me who think it was my own “tone and style” that contributed to my career meltdown.  After a nearly two-decade long examination of conscience I can honestly say that it was them not me.  They are the ones with the evil tone and style.  They blame others of doing what they are actually doing using the megaphone of Western institutions.

This chutzpah is on display now for the whole world to see in Gaza.  Thanks to the internet a lot of truth is making it through the digital blast wall hastily and clumsily erected over the past decade to turn the West into an immense gay safe zone.

A local example from my home town, Augusta Maine.  A couple rallies happened recently.  Local Jews, in typical chutzpah fashion, wrapped themselves up in the word “love” and attempted to create a big public hullaboo in response to a few Mainers who identify as “white” going public with their opinions.  Heaven forbid that any Mainer with the currently unpopular level of eumelanin would dare publicly hold an opinion contrary to THE AGENDA.

On offer as background leader of the syrupy latest local color revolution campaign was none other than David … Offer.  That would be the same Offer that offed me prior to his retirement.  He led the Kennebec Journal’s month-long front-page campaign to turn me into a statewide pariah back in 2004.  Oh, and guess what?  I’m sure it has nothing to do with it — but David is proudly Jewish.  And I’m sure his abuse of power as leader of the local Capitol City newspaper by conflating the historic dogmas of the Hebrew and Christian religions on sodomy with little old me had nothing to do with the fact that he believes Jesus Christ is burning in hell in his own excrement.  But you’re not supposed to know that little talmudic tidbit you dumb christian goy.  Nothing to see here.  Go back to your television programming and line up for your boomer death injections from Big Pharma.

This post started on the Musk/Jones/Carlson alignment in the media firmament.  The one thing they all hold in common is their awkward refusal to blame Jews or Israel for anything whatsoever.  You do know it is possible to love Jewish individuals while holding views critical of the religion, race, nation or whatever it is they are … don’t you?  They are all about hating christianity as a group.  Why is it OK for them to be publicly critical of every institutional religion but their own?  How come they are the only group on planet earth that can create and maintain a “democratic” ethno-state?  Why is their genocide in Gaza morally justifiable in reference to their holy book, the Old Testament, but nobody else on planet earth is allowed to think that way?

Like I said above … nothing to see or hear here.  Go back to being programmed and murdered.

But if you have the stomach for more you could do worse than getting Nick Fuentes’ take on all this.