I’ll Help You

Since before the internet was a gleam in Google’s eye I’ve loved working with all things computer.  I also enjoy driving.  I recently launched a new business venture.  I decided to support individuals and small businesses/ministries with their technology and driving needs.  My affordable service is more a ministry than a business.  But it is a business.  And as such I charge for my services.  To see if I can help please text or call me — 207-620-4371.  If I can assist you I will let you know how much your project, or trip, will cost.  And … yes … I make house calls to folks nearby to Augusta, Maine — and will work remotely.

You can Help Me

 A great way for you to help yourself, and me, is to use GabPay.  You can send me money using GabPay.  I want to help people get this payment system set up.  Gab is a fabulous Christian online social network.  They are responding to satan’s censorship by building a Christian parallel economy.  You really need to become part of it, and get all your friends and family to join you.  Significant economic challenges await all of us, especially Christians.  Getting involved with GAB now is one of the smartest moves you could make to prepare for the unknown that is right around the corner.  Probably best if you shoot me an email if you want to get set up with GabPay.  Email me at mheath@althatech.com  I can receive cryptocurrency gifts.  If you want to support my political and religious work please call me at 207-620-4371 or email me at mheath@althatech.com.