The America First movement is now mostly associated with Donald Trump.  In the early twentieth century the most well-known leader was the aviator, Charles Lindbergh.  The American government destroyed that movement by stealing the mailing list.  We are watching the American government steal the nation-loving movement’s thunder once again.  They can’t steal a mailing list to end communication with supporters.  They can, however, do what they are doing which isn’t as simple and straightforward as stealing a printed list of names.  There are many layers to what they are doing. 

At the heart of their effort is the creation of a global religion free humanist utopia.

Two articulate defenders of America continuing as One Nation Under Jesus Christ are Andrew Torba and Nick Fuentes.  Nick is in his mid-twenties and Andrew just turned thirty-three years of age this week.  Nick is Catholic.  Andrew is Protestant.  They both are building solid relationships with a core group of Christian-friendly people.  Both are using the internet.  Nick has his own video platform called Cozy.  Andrew is the founder of a social network called Gab.  I enjoy following both of these young men.

Nick goes deeper into the political and partisan weeds than Andrew, who keeps his focus more on building a truly American free speech platform.  Both men love their country, their families and their religion.  They don’t back down to anybody.  They relish spinning up the rich and powerful.

You could do much, much worse than turning off Fox and pointing that Smart TV to and  Get ready for youth culture with a black twist if you spend any time on Cozy.  Gab is Facebook without all the extras.