On Friday of last week God gave me a great blessing.  Paulie and I have three sons for whom I could not be more thankful.  They have given us seven grandchildren.  Two of our sons live in North Carolina.  It is a treasure to have the son with the most grandchildren living near our home in Maine.

Friday presented the rare opportunity for the Heath family to unite physically in Maine.  I was delighted to have that spot be Freeport, the home of Maine’s iconic LL Bean.

The Holy Spirit whispered into my mind the thought as we drove by “Wicked Whoppies” on Main Street to buy each of the grandchildren one of the overpriced confections.  This offer would become a centerpiece for our rambling through the village.  The whoppie pie is Maine’s official treat.  So we had a lawfully awesome time!

The time with family in the culturally significant village renewed and nurtured important connections between cousins, brothers, sons, in-laws and parents.  Time spent rambling in the Maine woods with feet kept dry by old man Bean’s boot would obviously be more enriching.  But capturing an entire-family-together-moment-in-time on a camera atop the immense boot replica at the main entrance to the store is a close second.

I love Maine.  I love my family.  I love my country.  I love God who was born on CHRISTmas day.  Tomorrow.