Paul Kingsnorth lives in Ireland.  He is raising his family there.  And he blogs from there.

I discovered him this fall because he blogs about what he, and many others in the twentieth century, refer to as “The Machine.”  The depth of his consideration of the topic impressed me so much that I decided to part with precious money to support his blog.  Books are one thing when it comes to money.  They are more obviously worth money.  But giving money to a blog is something else entirely when you have always lived at or near the publicly recognized poverty line in America.  This is the case for my family.  Not complaining at all.  I’m very thankful, actually.

Kingsnorth’s specific depth in his blogging about digital technology, or The Machine, springs from reading many books about the topic through the lens of his experience as a political activist.  He spent much of his adult life embedded in the West’s political Left concerned primarily with humanity’s use of nature or the environment.  This eventually made him into a Bernie Bro at the Presidential level of American politics.

When the globalist Jewish cabal launched their audacious global takeover called “Covid” in 2020 Kingsnorth turned his attention to blogging about The Machine.  He put a wrap on the series in the spring of 2023.  Over three years he published his posts on Substack.  He is working the posts into a book now.

He recently visited America and wrote two insightful posts about his visit.

Mountain Solitaire

Letter from America