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My insurance man invited me to help him yesterday.  When I found out he was doing physical labor I decided to help.  I drove one hour to join five other old men.  They gathered together to build a fence.  The fence was erected to keep toddlers from wandering across the dirt road to the waterfront that is nearby.

The Holy Spirit told me to go when I was invited.  When I decided to heed the Holy Spirit’s nudge I didn’t know why I was going.

The obvious benefit was hard work.  I enjoyed using the iron bar and post hole digger more than I would have enjoyed speeding along behind the high powered boat tied to the wharf nearby.  There’s something about dirt and rocks.  There were lots of rocks embedded in the dirt.  This made me grateful for the boy toy excavator that showed up to help us with the task.

The only way to open the holes without the excavator was to get down on your hands and knees with a crowbar and screwdriver.  It was good.  Very good.

The Bible records this about Noah, “And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed.

Work is from God.  Welfare is from Satan.  Work is not easy.  Work is divine.  There is no substitute for manly work.  Work is hard.  Work is a curse.  Thank you Jesus.

Being with those men in the dirt was spiritual.  It wasn’t spiritual because we were putting up a fence at a Christian camp.  We were doing that.  It was spiritual because it was hard, involved dirt and it took a group of men cooperating to get it done.

While this work is good fighting for righteousness in a manly way is better.  It takes men to establish justice in the earth.

Paul the Apostle writes in his letter to the Philippians, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”  I love that phrase “Be careful for nothing.”  Don’t be overly cautious.  Be bold.  Dare … in prayer.  But prayer isn’t any good with actions.

James wrote, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

Men in Christ build fences to protect innocence, life and purity.  It is called law and politics.

Child murder and the rape of innocence by the “gay” cause will stop when the Men of Christ decide to stop it.  Not before.

Shame on the pastors for forcing Christianity behind the walls of the stained glass fortresses we call churches.  Shame on us for not standing up for Jesus in our workplaces.  Shame on our politicians for not simply ending the nonsense.

God will not be mocked.

Let’s get busy building fences for Jesus.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Maine people don’t care about the children of Maine.  Christians are to blame.  We don’t care.  If we did we would do something to make this stop.

This is what Jesus said about innocent and impressionable children, “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

I can’t think of anything more offensive and dangerous to impressionable young minds than what this headline in last week’s Lewiston Sun Journal says, “Drag Queen Story Hour coming to Lewiston.

This is what I wrote originally, “Christians have no excuse before God if they don’t demand that this ‘event’ be cancelled.  Now.”  I’m tempering that a bit.  I read the whole story a second time.  I discovered the “story hour” isn’t taking place in a public library.  It’s being held in what looks like a private bookstore.

The article by Lindsay Tice is a good example of propaganda and cultural marxism.  She sandwiches a couple benign Facebook comments critical of the event in between glowing praise for this evil.

The article makes it appear that everyone is just fine with this going on in their community.

I said thirty years ago that the homosexual movement was about the children.  I believed then, and we all know now, that they want our children to accept queerdom.  My friend David Arthur probably would have something to say that would spice up Linday’s article.  He lived thirty years as a woman.  AIDS nearly stopped him dead in his tracks ten years ago.  He’s easy to find.  He has ties to Maine.  Why don’t reporters like Lindsay Tice interview David so that the truth can be told?

Or how about Paul Madore.  He’s a 69 year old grandfather of 35 and father to 9 LEWISTON children with a very public history of objecting to this sort of nonsense.  Why isn’t he quoted in the story.  I wonder if Lindsay Tice called any local Christian priests or pastors?  I wonder what they would say about this.  I’m afraid to ask, frankly.  The Southern Baptist Church is playing footsie with this nonsense for goodness sakes.  They think that if they make peace with the LGBTQ-P (pedophile) movement their children and grandchildren that have abandoned their doctrine will return to help them pay for their megachurch parking lot loans.

God is not going to continue ignoring this.  And the Bible is packed with accounts of what happens when He runs out of patience.

If this weren’t in some hole-in-the-wall bookstore that I’ve never heard of I’d be tempted to dig out my “America’s Future” sign and go stand on the sidewalk outside praying while the demons enter into the little children.

Introducing Bob Garrett to the Alphabet Man LIVE

This morning I hit the streets of Maine’s capital city, Augusta.  I’ve spent decades of my life here living, ministering and fighting in Jesus name.  I am ashamed to say that there is a baby murder mill here.  It must be closed down.

I am thrilled to report that men and women have maintained a faithful Christian vigil against this vile place for decades.  One man in particular deserves mention — Ron Stauble.

Ron is a retired bus driver.  He is in his 80s.  He is a gentle and soft spoken man who believes with his whole heart that people will turn away from abortion if they are given the facts.  And man, does he have facts.  I love Ron.  He loves babies and Jesus.

I led a group of five men in prayer this morning and wept when I came to acknowledging Ron’s dedication and leadership.

I enjoyed a precious moment introducing Bob Garrett to live streaming on the internet.  He was energized by the experience.  I think it gave him hope for getting the truth out there to more people and finally bringing an end to the slaughter.  You can watch him in the video above.  We were talking to David Arthur, the Alphabet Man.  David lived for thirty years as a woman.  After his death bed conversion he started a ministry called “I Belong Amen Ministries.”  A few weeks ago we helped him start a daily Live internet show.  He is helping people find hope and healing in Jesus Christ.  You won’t hear David’s story on the fake corporate news.  That’s because we don’t love Jesus Christ enough to turn it off.

Love Jesus!  There’s a reason He’s never mentioned on popular television programs and movies.  His gospel brings peace.  America will never fulfill it’s financial obligations without war.  We have made our country into the world’s most despicable arms merchant.  We need to stop it.  Now.

And we can help stop it by tuning out the corporate media and by tuning in the truth.

Check out Alphabet Man Live.  He’s producing a daily show now at 9 am EST.

Watch it!

And help me to support David and my son, Jared, who are making this gospel work possible.  Click here and donate today.  I’m replacing my meager weekly FedEx paycheck with donations so that I can help David and Christian like him full time.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and help.

Help Us Support Julio Severo

I just finished reading a most helpful article on cultural marxism.  I became interested in the article because of the hearty endorsement of Ray Moore from Exodus Mandate.  I respect Ray’s judgment.

I am writing about the article because it is going to be translated into Portuguese for distribution in Brazil by one of the culture warriors we give maximum energy to supporting … Julio Severo.  I recommend you read the article and then come back to finish this blog post.

Click here to read the article by P. Andrew Sandlin entitled, “Karl Marx Meets the Gospel Coalition.”

We need your help so that we can fulfill God’s call for us to help Julio and his homeschooling family of seven.  He requires technical assistance to continue expanding his online tent stakes, so to speak.  We are uniquely equipped by virtue of being the “electronic family farm” to help him.  I’ll write a blog post soon about the phrase “electronic family farm.”  Trust me for now.  We know a thing or two about computers and the internet.

Julio’s impressive influence in his home country of Brazil is exclusively dependent on the internet.  He currently publishes on a Google website.  One of our projects is to help him move to a more censorship resistant platform.  As you know the large American internet powerhouses like Google and Facebook are now practicing active censorship of Christian content.  This censorship has even included the deletion of content.  Can you imagine losing years of work with the flip of a switch?

My son Jared has created a platform that removes this threat and provides peace of mind to Christian creators online.

Julio has already been banned from Paypal as a result of hate filled attacks by homosexuals.

To help us fulfill God’s call to help Julio and dozens of loving warriors for Jesus Christ please click here.

God Works in Unpredictable Ways Sometimes: More Idiot Shaming

I was real pleased to see that Maine’s Governor Paul LePage vetoed the stupid law that our idiot legislators passed banning counseling for confused Mainers.  The “gay” lobby has worked overtime throughout America the past few years to embolden the American government in its war against Christianity. They think it would be just peachy if nobody in the world was allowed to help people be the person God and biology made them to be.

I cannot believe that Maine’s legislature wasted tens of thousands of tax dollars debating AND PASSING such nonsense.

As leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine I was not a loyal Republican.  I was a loyal Christian … especially when it came to FIGHTING this nonsense.  God moved me on to this platform, and for reasons beyond my understanding allowed the League to shift Republican.

Regardless, this shift made LePage Governor for eight years.  And it will give Moody eight years in the Blaine House.

The Left is collapsing.

Unfortunately American “conservatism” isn’t much better.

But as I said in the headline, God works in unexpected ways.

Return to Order

Along the way in my ministry I met the folks at Return to Order.  They are among the faithful few who choose to walk out their Christian convictions by boldly going where no one has gone before … to the streets and the politicians.  Christians won’t discuss their faith outside their stained glass fortresses.  Sad. These folks are not like that.

Christians willingly accepted the Orwellian brainwashing that was forced on them by their “betters” in the West over the past century.  John Horvat and the folks at Return to Order know better.  And they fight for Christian righteousness.

This article on the failure of corporate Amerika to conquer India is instructive.

And this one on abortion as a litmus test is excellent.

I read the book “Return to Order,” that they send out to folks for free as a PDF, a while ago.  You must expose yourself to these ideas if you have even a small interest in economics and culture.  You will be better for it.

Helping Hands Ministries One Year Technical Internship

I need to raise ten thousand dollars to jump start a paid student internship.  This Christian home educated student will begin their internship after graduation from high school.  The internship lasts one year.  The intern will work every weekday full time in Brunswick, Maine at the international headquarters of Althatech.  Their focus will be on learning to produce livestreams on the internet; host, build and maintain websites; and build/maintain a computer server.  At the end of the year long internship Althatech and the intern may negotiate a permanent position with the company.

The intern will receive financial compensation on a per project basis.

I got this idea from Tom Woods.  When I get time I’ll find the specific podcast where he talks about skipping college and going right in to the work force.  He doesn’t promote this message without thought and in a superficial way.  Tom is a graduate of Harvard, I think it is.  He walked away from tenure and has made his living as an internet entrepreneur.  He’s an interesting and entertaining libertarian source online.  Check him out.


This Woman is Insane … I’m Starting a Campaign for Idiot Shaming

I got an email from Chellie Pingree today.  She included a nasty picture of herself in front of an ICE facility on the border.  She is very concerned about the babies on the border.

This is what she writes about the babies in Maine in that same email, “My statement on far-right Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his egregious record of undermining a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.”  She has the sentence highlighted so you can click through to read her propaganda.  I’ve purposely left it out.  Don’t waste your time.   We’ll ignore the “far right” description of Kavanaugh for now.  Pingree obviously doesn’t care about life, babies, families, Maine or America.  She’s an angry feminist.  The only thing missing from her angry picture was her vagina hat.

These people are nuts.

If they weren’t “so good” at constituent services (read helping people get stuff from the government for free) they wouldn’t survive politically.  And if people would stop expecting stuff for free we might be able to get things headed in the right direction.

You think I’m being mean?  Nope.  Just telling the truth.

In the next sentence in her email she promises to end something called “lunch shaming.”  She defines that as “the practice of punishing students or taking away their food if their parents haven’t paid.”

Huh.  Lunch shaming.  You gotta love the euphemisms these people create.

My parents taught me a phrase that applies in this case … “You don’t work you don’t eat.”  I’ll bet you didn’t know that this principle has been replaced by campaigning against “lunch shaming.”

Well, now you know.

Help me to continue practice Idiot Shaming.  Our politicians need to be ashamed of themselves.

Donate Today by clicking here, reading the excellent essay by my good friend Fritz and then clicking the Donate button at the bottom of the page.

I’m Sorry Pat

Pat Buchanan commented on Trump’s efforts with Russia.

I remember when he ran for President many years ago.  I was leading the Christian Civic League of Maine at the time.  Christianity developed a wicked allergy to “candidate politics” in the twentieth century.  Had we Christians not been coughing our way through my career I’d have endorsed Pat that year.  He was viciously attacked for telling the truth about family values in a political speech he delivered to the Republican Convention.

Had Christians heeded Pat’s warning then, and rallied behind him, we wouldn’t be staring down the gun barrel of God’s judgment.  If God rained down fire from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah can you imagine what He’s thinking about Trump’s America?  Trump is a vocal supporter of this crime that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

I support Trump.  He’s better than the alternative.

But America needs to heed Buchanan.  His writing is the best political writing in our time.

I listened to his book “Suicide of a Superpower.”  Get it.  Read it.

Pat, I’m sorry I didn’t boldly and loudly support you before.

I’m thrilled you are writing and speaking out today.  Go get ’em!

My Son is Helping Christians with AlthaTech

My son Jared started a business two years ago.  It is called AlthaTech.

Many of his customers are Christians.  They are using the internet to preach the gospel.  They are on the internet because they cannot afford traditional media channels like radio and television.  These are not people who want to hide.  They are the people that Google’s Eric Schmidt had in mind when he said that people who use the internet shouldn’t expect personal privacy.  These folks use the internet to be who they are … to preach the truth of Jesus Christ.

Ironically, Schmidt’s Google doesn’t want these people around.  He is messing with their Youtube channels, and gmail accounts.  Why is Google good with porn but down on Jesus?

There is no doubt that their censorship is based on their devotion to what Pope John Paul II called the culture of death.  They love abortion and sodomy.  Both realities are killing righteousness and virtue in the West.

Years ago I realized that modern man’s rule about sex is that all of it is good as long as it’s consensual.  You don’t have to think about that for long before you see the danger.

If you doubt what I’m saying visit one of Jared’s customer websites called  I’m watching the Coach do his show live from Indianapolis on the internet as I write this.  He’s showing a video he took yesterday of images of bloody babies.  They are a component of Operation Save America’s Annual gathering.  They target an American city in July of every year.  They have four hundred folks there this week.  They’re preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are living through an exciting and dynamic period of human history.  The world has never experienced anything like the internet.  As with any invented human technology the internet can be used for good or evil.  “Progressive” forces always embrace new technologies before more traditional forces.  Christians in the West are just now becoming immersed in the internet.  That’s what is stirring the pot so much.  Satan stole the word progressive just like he stole the word “gay.”  Modern progressives are not liberals anymore.  They are satanists.  They love death.  It’s becoming more and more obvious as each day passes.  They used to own the internet.  No longer.

From their high places of power in the government, Google and Facebook they are working overtime to silence Christians who fight against abortion and sodomy.

I am dedicated through my ministry, Helping Hands Ministries, to guarantee that they lose.  My son, Jared, is building a censorship resistant platform for Christians on the internet.  He needs my help.

That is why I stopped delivering packages for FedEx a couple weeks ago.  That’s why I’m in Maine right now.  I’m writing this from Jared’s office.

He is impressive.  I was going to have him teach me how to produce live streaming video shows.  After sitting with him I realized that this would not be prudent.  He needs a younger man in that seat.

God willing I am going to fund a one year internship to help him.  I will write more about this soon.

I don’t have any money.  God doesn’t work through money.  He works through the hearts of His people.

I’ve raised millions of dollars from good Christian people down through the years.  I’ve done it by doing this … by honestly writing my way to the goal.

I’m going to be using this blog for most of my writing.  I’m also going to try to send out a daily email blast.  My prayer is that this effort will be rewarded BY GOD with enough donations to accomplish my goal.  Does God want to move through you?

My fund raising goal is modest.  I must raise $50,000 by the end of the year.  With that I’ll be able to keep the lights on for Paulie and me, and I should be able to increase my assistance to dozens of Christian warriors who are confronting the sodomites and abortion apologists.

My prayer goal for the next week is that God would raise up five people to commit $100 per month.  Donations are tax deductible.  This will replace one week of my FedEx income.  Can you help?  Do you know a Christian who wants to see the internet used to promote righteousness and purity instead of porn?

Click on this donate link.  Scroll to the bottom to find the button.

Donate Today.